Aspects politiques et juridiques

Policy, Politics & Legal Aspects

In this part, we examine the role of government agencies and legislation in developing strategies and policies to address climate challenges. It also explores the legal aspects of implementing and bringing climate solutions and actions to fruition.

Human Behavior & Wellbeing

We examine how changes in consumer behavior, lifestyles and adaptation strategies can contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly social environment.

Comportement humain et bien-être
Économie de marché, finances privées et publiques

Market Economy, Private & Public Finance

This section includes analyzes of financial mechanisms, investment activity, tax policy, and the interaction between public and private financial institutions. It explores both the practical aspects of financial management and its impact on economic growth, stability and social justice.

Space, Transport & Urbain

Here we are interested in sustainable urban development, mobility, transport infrastructure planning and land use taking into account the environment and climate.

Espace, Transport & Urbain
Production et élimination de CO2

Production et élimination de CO2

We examine various aspects related to CO2 emission and use, including its role in industry, mitigation technologies and innovative recycling methods. Our experts provide analyses, recommendations and solutions to reduce the impact of carbon dioxide on the environment and climate.

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